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Argentis Consulting Services Inc.
Solution for Small COmpanies and startups

Are you a small company or a startup?

Rina is the right hand of every business owner in these times. SAP graduate with best practices. She is a loyal employee and able to work 24 hours for any country and industry. +15 yeas Experience +60K Clients.

Rina is a technological business management solution for small businesses and startups.

Through a monthly subscription, Rina allows entrepreneurs to access the renowned SAP Business One software.

Why Rina?

  • It will provide your business with the best process practices worldwide.
  • Manage all areas of your company from a single platform.
  • Low implementation time at low cost.
  • Scalability - the solution will grow with you.
  • Information in real time.

Argentis Consulting is dedicated to the development, distribution and support of recognized certified solutions for SAP® Business One

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