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November 2014 - Vietnam

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Tatiana, the argentine girl who didn’t get lost in translation! Tatiana Kirichian our AFS Product Manager, Traveled to Vietnam with the purpose to train two Sap Partners overseas!. With two main stops: Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. In the first city she visited VinaSystem, and in the second one Apzon, and its client: Canifa. Twenty persons took the training!.

In her words “Vietnam was really interesting, it’s the gate-door to the rest of countries in Asia. And a very interesting market as regards their place in the world as one of the main locations for manufacturing of clothes and apparel for the rest of the world, most important A&F brands have factories in this beautiful country”.

Both Sap partners and clients found that “Apparel and Footwear” SAP® Business One Solution really makes it for them: following their processes all through the product life cycle management, and realizes the solution to control and supervise the entire process as well as complete other business areas that are equally important. As regards Canifa, they found that the PLM MODULE was really a key improvement to control their new collections which they produce one year in advanced.

Tatiana was really flattered with the way she was welcome by managers, workers and Vietnamese people in general, and highlighted their warmth, kindness and generosity with her during her stay. And loved their food (“the fish its incredible!”), looking forward to get to know this culture in depth!.

Vietnam, currently the world's no. 4 in terms of garment exports, is poised to overtake Bangladesh in due time.

Orders are coming in, mainly from the US, but also other traditional markets like the EU (with Germany and the UK as main garment importers), Canada, Japan, Korea and Australia; Russia and the Middle East are emerging as two non-traditional markets. "Vietnam's garment industry is having its best time," confirms Nguyen An, general director of Saigon Garment Manufacturing Trading.

Garment exports reached a volume of 14.1 billion US dollars in 2012, and the sector is a vital one for Vietnam (together with food processing, cigarette and tobacco, chemicals and electrical goods), employing around 1.5 million workers.

In Vietnam's close to 2,000 companies are producing ready-made garments. The country's garment industry has a long tradition of consisting of “cut and sew operations” but has more recently begun to invest heavily in spinning and weaving.

Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) to take effect: Slated for 2015, the TPP will phase out tariffs on most goods traded between the eleven member countries Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru.

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