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Implementation Services

B1 Support

In Argentis consulting we have identified key technology components that need to be maintained in order to have the SAP® B1 technical environment healthy.
SAP® Business one by nature is not a complicated system to maintain, however we can no avoid the idea that it keeps your company information and what it means to you. It runs on MS SQL server so tuning, backups and recovery scenarios need to be addressed accordingly.

Services Provided Hardware/Software recommendations

Argentis Consulting technical resources can advise you with the correct hardware needs based on SAP recommendations and own experience with this Solution so you have the right environment for your business goals.


In Argentis Consulting we provide different types of installation services. The ranges of installations go from Operating systems, Exchange 2003/2007, Active Directory configuration, MS SQL server 2005 to different SAP releases. We understand that IT could be a high cost to small and medium businesses so our offering includes the maintenance of this system in a much optimized way.

Remote solutions

Remote Solutions have become widely spread due the benefit of connecting to the SAP® systems from any location. Citrix and Terminal Server have been chosen to be the best options adopted by customers worldwide. In Argentis consulting we can provide you with the right sizing, installation and configuration of these solutions.

Server Virtualization

If your company has chosen to implement the SAP® environment on virtual servers we can offer help to implement it. We have certified people on the most common virtualization solution out there like VMware, Microsoft or Citrix.

MS SQL server

The core component of any ERP is the database server. Here is where the information resides so you need to make sure that this information is secure. This includes users’ security; Backups and make sure backups are in a healthy State. Database Tuning and Business Continuity plans are always recommended. In Argentis consulting we offer all of these MS SQL solutions

Sun System Services

With more than 15 years of experience in the Sun Systems marketplace we offer implementation and upgrades, onsite and remote and application support.