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  • Record, Map and Run Wizard Business users can upload their data into SAP® with minimal training.
  • Intuitive User Interface Non-technical users can easily set up SHUTTLEfiles.
  • Preserves SAP® Security Protects transactions and data from unwanted access and use.
  • Error Management Errors in the data are immediately flagged in the Microsoft Excel® file and can be easily corrected and reprocessed.
  • Batch, Non-batch(Enjoy) or Gui Modes Various modes allow you to record any SAP® transaction.
  • Automatic Data Backup Prior to making data changes, existing SAP® data is automatically backed-up, allowing you to roll back changes if needed.
  • Logical Branches Adjusting to variable records permits one script to handle multiple types of data.
  • Looping Creates a repeatable process that can be automated.
  • Real-time Uploading Allows users to keep the Microsoft Excel® file open while processing the upload so SAP® results can be seen in real-time.
  • Chaining When business processes require multiple transactions to run in a certain order, you can link multiple upload