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The most affordable and functional Warehouse solution for
SAP® Business One.
WMS Features

Today almost no one doubts that a company must have a warehouse management system in real time. The real-time WMS allow certain operations directly translate into cost savings. An operator does not have to move to get a paper for the next task to perform , nor to confirm actions or register an incidence where it occurs.

Cost savings depend on the difference of operation before and after the implementation of a WMS, but for a conventional warehouse, there is widespread criteria of 25 % of direct cost savings in staff. Direct cost savings translate into a reduced need for investment or increased capacity.


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User Experience has become the key point to measure each project of professional mobility. Unitech has acquired a thorough knowledge through experience and has created a new generation of mobile industrial devices developed specific mind for the new generation of developers based mobile solutions market applications. La Experiencia del Usuario se ha convertido en el punto clave para medir cada proyecto de movilidad profesional. Unitech ha adquirido un conocimiento profundo a través de la experiencia y ha creado una nueva generación móvil de dispositivos industriales específica mente desarrollados para la nueva generación de desarrolladores de aplicaciones basados en el mercado de soluciones móviles.

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  • » PA692 Rugged Handheld Computer
  • » PA692A Rugged Handheld Computer
  • » PA700 Terminal Industrial
  • » PA700 Terminal Industrial
  • » TB120 7” Rugged Tablet Computer